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In celebration of WSABE’s 30th Anniversary, the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence are pleased to present sixteen award categories recognising business excellence across a dynamic range of industries and fields. If you have an inspiring success story to share, begin your WSABE journey today by beginning your free entry and position yourself to be celebrated among WSABE’s key business communities. We look forward to celebrating your success story through the WSABE platform, and wish you the best of luck!

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2020 WSABE Individual Award Categories

DOOLEYS Outstanding Young Employee

The Outstanding Young Employee award recognises an inspirational young employee aged between 18-30 years. To enter into this award the individual must have been employed by their current employer for a minimum of 18 months at the time of entry.


AAA City Removalist Outstanding Business Leader

The Outstanding Business Leader award recognises the positive contribution made to business by business people and professionals. The award recognises those who demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, strategic business direction and innovative ideas, whilst providing inspiration to a new generation of upcoming business leaders. Individuals entering into this category can be self-employed or employed by a business.



 Australian Turf Club Excellence in Micro Business (Less than 5 employees)

The Excellence in Micro Business award recognises a business with less than 5 employees that has achieved significant growth (market share, sales volume, turnover, profitability) and is able to demonstrate the specific strategies and plans implemented to achieve sustainable growth in the previous financial year.


HomeWorld Excellence in Small Business (5 – 20 employees)

The Excellence in Small Business award recognises a business with five to twenty employees that has achieved significant growth (market share, sales volume, turnover, profitability) and is able to demonstrate the specific strategies and plans implemented to achieve sustainable growth in the previous financial year.


EnergyAustralia Excellence in Business (21 or more employees)

The Excellence in Business award recognises a business with 21 or more employees that has achieved significant growth and is able to demonstrate the specific strategies and processes implemented to achieve sustainable growth in the previous financial year. 


DOOLEYS Excellence in Social Enterprise

The Excellence in Social Enterprise Award recognises an organisation that trades to tackle social problems, be it social, environmental cultural or economic.  


Parramatta Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Manufacturing

The Excellence in Manufacturing Award recognises the accomplishments made by an organisation that specializes in the production of consumer products and materials. Businesses are assessed on their overall business performance, product quality, production process, quality assurance measures, market performance and growth strategies. Businesses applying for this award are not required to begin the manufacturing process from raw materials, and are eligible if they source components from other suppliers during their manufacturing process.


City of Parramatta Excellence in Innovation

The Excellence in Innovation award recognises businesses that have made significant contributions to their industry through the introduction or improvement of an idea, method, technology, process or application.


Parramatta Light Rail Excellence in Sustainability

(This category is based on sustainable initiatives and projects within your business, not related to your core offering).

The Excellence in Sustainability award recognises businesses that are working to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment and/or provide products and services that have positive environmental outcomes.


Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade Excellence in Export

The Excellence in Export award recognises leading examples of businesses that are exporting their products internationally and are forging a strong reputation for Australian products and services in international markets. This applies to businesses that are exporting directly or through a third party.


Commonwealth Bank Excellence in Arts & Culture

The Excellence in Arts and Culture award recognises a business, organisation or individual that demonstrates an extraordinary range of outstanding and sustained achievement across music, literature, community arts and cultural development, emerging and experimental arts, visual arts, theatre, and dance across the Western Sydney region. The activity should be leading to a vibrant community, social cohesion and community capacity building, and acknowledge and promote cultural identity and expression.


University of New England Excellence in Education, Training & Careers

The Excellence in Education, Training and Careers Award recognizes organisations who display outstanding achievement through the implementation of improved and innovative systems and processes to educate the youth of Western Sydney.This category is open to organisations from pre-schools through to tertiary, RTO’s and private organisations enabling the education and employability of youth


Parramatta Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Marketing

The Excellence in Marketing Award recognizes businesses that utilize a variety of marketing tools and techniques to effectively promote their business, or other businesses, whilst engaging the end user.


City of Parramatta Excellence in Customer Service

The Excellence in Customer Service Award recognizes businesses or organisations that show growth and customer retention through building relationships by listening, analysing feedback and exceeding their expectations.


Parra Leagues Start Up Superstar

The Start Up Superstar award recognises a business that has been trading for at LEAST 12 months and less than 24 months. This business delivers a product/service/idea/invention with credible potential and strongly displays an entrepreneurial spirit.



*Please note that these awards cannot be directly applied for and are selected from the pool of WSABE Finalists prior to the annual Awards Gala. The Business of the Year is selected based on ‘all-round’ business performance, and the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce Patron’s Choice Award recognises outstanding contributions of business to the community.


Parramatta Chamber of Commerce Patron’s Choice

The Patron’s choice award recognises organisations that contribute to the community. This will be selected by The Hon. Alan Cadman OAM, the Awards’ Patron, from finalist entries in all categories


Commonwealth Bank Business of the Year

This award considers all business award categories and is awarded to a business considered an “all-rounder” with superior performance in all aspects. Please note that entrants cannot directly nominate for this award. The winner of this award is selected from the WSABE Category winners.

For administrative or technical assistance, please contact 0449 786 056 or wsabe@parramattachamber.com.au


“Receiving the 2016 WSABE Business of the Year Award (along a few others), has been a truly satisfying experience that has catapulted Sparks+Partners into the spotlight based on genuine hard work, reward and recognition. Competing with so many other talented Western Sydney businesses was an honour and an opportunity to discover new connections and uncover the best in the west. We encourage anyone considering entering to take the plunge, the effort and experience is absolutely worthwhile.”

– Leon Dimino, Sparks+Partners Consulting Engineers Managing Director

“ The WSABE award is not one to be on a mantle, the flow on effect and power of the award certainly has surpassed my expectations, with continued personal and business growth. From an avid awards goer, the WSABE awards, I would have to say are the pinnacle of any awards program for business success”
– Gina Field, Nepean Regional Security Managing Director

“The WSABE awards are a great way to showcase the amazing contributions of extraordinary people right across Greater Western Sydney. We are very proud as a non-profit organisation to be awarded finalist in the Excellence of Social Enterprise category for 2017. We look forward to continuing to promote the great work that is being done in the community sector and all who work in it. I commend WSABE for providing a platform where Greater Western Sydney businesses and community groups can come together and be celebrated.”
– One Hotels and Apartments – Parramatta Mission

“We at the Greater Western Sydney GIANTS were delighted to receive the marketing award at the 2016 WSABE Gala Dinner. Being part of the community of organisations associated with the Chamber along with those who attended on the night gives us a genuine connection with business within Western Sydney. The process in the lead up to the awards night including the nomination process was seamless and we were honoured that our marketing campaign won this award and can therefore be seen to resonate with the community in which we are part of.”
– Rebecca Shaw, GWS Giants, General Manager Marketing and Consumer

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